Frequently Asked Question

Chiropractic is an area of healthcare that specialises in the treatment of neuromuscular joint conditions. It does not include the use of drugs or surgery.

In your first visit, our chiropractors will perform a detailed consultation to have a better understanding of your condition(s). Relatable questions such as time and mechanism of injuries, previous health histories, and lifestyle habits will be asked.

This is followed by a complete chiropractic and orthopaedic assessment to confirm our diagnosis. You will then be given an explanation of your problem, as well as a personalized treatment plan that will begin on the same day.

No. Your chiropractor will refer you for an X-ray/MRI when necessary. These situations include suspected fracture, severe neurological impairment, scoliosis with external signs, etc.

Imagine the joints in your body as car wheels. When the alignments of the wheels with the tyres are off, wear and tear will happen, causing an overall decline in vehicle performance.

Similarly, when your vertebral joints are fixated, or moved away from its optimal/natural position, they result in:

  1. Pain and stiffness (nerve irritation)
  2. Restricted motion (tension build-up in muscles/ligaments)
  3. Numbness (nerve root impingement)
  4. Reduced in strength

In general, joint fixation can arise from:

Physical injury–          Falling on your back
Strenuous activity–          Playing sports

–          Repetitive trunk bending

Inactivity–          Prolonged sitting

–          Poor posture

Emotional stress–          Muscle clenching from anxiety

–          Elevated stress hormones (cortisols)

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