Knee Pain

Possible causes:
  • Osteoarthritis – Evident swelling & soft tissue hardening
  • Runner’s knee – Tend to be at inner joint-line
  • ITB syndrome – Tend to at the outer area above joint-line
  • Patellar tendinitis – Pain at the center joint-line below knee cap
  • Medial/lateral collateral ligament sprain
  • Referred pain from muscle trigger points – Very common
Commonly seen in:
  • Elderly patients due to degeneration
  • Patients who are overweight
  • Active runners
  • Athletes who got injured in contact sports
Treatment (might vary depending on causes):
  1. Shockwave therapy
  2. Electrotherapy
  3. Dry Needling
  4. Stretching exercises
  5. Knee stabilizing exercises