Rozita Mohd Nordin

I was a bit skeptical previously as I wasn’t sure if the chiropractic session will do any good for me. Until one day when I had a painful back that needs immediate attention. I knew going to the normal clinic will just have the same outcome, muscle relief pills will be the answer. Hence, I called Axis Chiropractic Clinic to make an immediate appointment. To my surprise the pain was 70% gone after the first treatment where he did some bone adjustment, acupuncture, deep tissue massage and some other treatment. After the 2nd visit a few days later, I was back to my normal self. It totally changed my perception on chiropractor, they are needed to maintain our body’s correct posture and most importantly, regular servicing, just like our automobiles. Everyone should at least try once, and for me, I have no regrets. Highly recommended!