Testimonials from patients

  • Daniel Joshua (Jibble Group, Product Manager)
    Dr. Shane's great, been coming here for over a year now, mainly for sports related injuries. He's helped me overcome shoulder, groin and quad injuries as well. Dr. Shane possesses great communication skills, something I find to be of utmost importance when seeking treatment, he's easy to speak to and is great at what he does. Treatment is also modern and Dr. Shane is always quick to explain the treatment and the condition, nice to learn something about my body and what I can do to overcome injuries as well!
  • Rozita Mohd Nordin (Businesswoman)
    I was a bit skeptical previously as I wasn't sure if the chiropractic session will do any good for me. Until one day when I had a painful back that needs immediate attention. I knew going to the normal clinic will just have the same outcome, muscle relief pills will be the answer. Hence, I called Axis Chiropractic Clinic to make an immediate appointment. To my surprise the pain was 70% gone after the first treatment where he did some bone adjustment, acupuncture, deep tissue massage and some other treatment. After the 2nd visit a few days later, I was back to my normal self. It totally changed my perception on chiropractor, they are needed to maintain our body's correct posture and most importantly, regular servicing, just like our automobiles. Everyone should at least try once, and for me, I have no regrets. Highly recommended!
  • Fooi Voon Chong (Housewife)
    This is the 2nd chiropractor that I've visited. I've a straight neck problem which tensed up my neck and shoulder which has been with me for about 20 years. This caused many problems to me i.e. can't have proper sleep during the night, stressful due to tightness on neck and shoulder, out of breath, etc. After some adjustments, many of my problems have faded. I even noticed both my middle fingers are straighter, they were crocked before visiting this clinic. Now only I realized that many of our problems are due to spinal disc problem because of injuries and bad postures. Dr. Lee really knows his job well. I'm so happy that I can sleep better and more relax. Highly recommended!
  • Ng Chun Weng (Carpenter)
    来了之后有很大的进展了,医生都很nice, 非常专业,医生会说华语大家放心。个人建议身体有什麼问题都看专科比较好,之前看过中医(CLM chris leong) ,功夫普通还医不好,也不专业。 Axis chiropractic 是不错的选择。
  • Jason Khoo (Senior Executive)
    Highly recommended for those seeking for a comprehensive solution to their muscular and skeletal issues. Dr Shane is not only knowledgeable as a practitioner but also very interpersonal. I have completed 10 sessions after coming in with neck and lower back pains due to injuries sustained many years ago. I have been to 2 chiropractors; 2 physiotherapist and 3 traditional Chinese medicine practitioners however non had been as effective as what Axis Chiropractic offers. Locations is convenient for those in Petaling Jaya and always ample parking. Thumbs Up!
  • Al Ashraf Ibaharin (Marketing Manager)
    Hurt my back and neck over one weekend. Excruciating pain. I couldn't even turn my neck and my back was very stiff. Thanks to google and online forum I found Axis. Shane is an awesome chiro. Detailed, meticulous and thorough. Upon assessment, he recommended a treatment plan. Most of the pain went away after 2 sessions and after the fourth session, I recovered completely. Big thanks to Shane and Axis.
  • Khang Hshien Samuel (Lawyer)
    Having suffered from lower back pain, I find myself in the position where pain has become part of my life, besides having restricted movement and numbness on a daily basis. A friend in the healthcare field recommended chiropractic treatment and Dr.Shane in particular. In spite of his young look, I was blown away by the professionalism from the first visit. Dr. Shane is very welcoming and approachable. Meanwhile, he was very thorough in assessing and diagnosing the specific problem I was suffering from. For the first time in months, I felt pain free after only my second visit. I greatly benefitted from the adjustments, dry needling therapy and electro muscle therapy. I can now enjoy a good range of motion besides being able to play sports with zero discomfort. Price is fair for the quality of professional service. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.
  • Elaine Terng (Senior Executive)
    Dr Shane is the second person I’d seen for dry needling to treat my recurring pain from a back injury and I have been returning to him for the past 4 months for various other treatments and general maintenance. Friendly, accommodating and patient, his professionalism is evident in his comprehensive consultation and advice from dry needling, adjustment, posture correction and at-home stretching exercises. Clinic is clean and comfortable, rates are reasonable. His schedule is pretty full so do call ahead.
  • Kenny Lee (Businessman)
    之前打羽球伤到腰部没有照顾,几个月后严重伤到坐骨神经痛到行动不便,也很难入眠,经过Dr. Shane的几次疗程后才渐渐康复了,谢谢Dr. Shane!
  • Lorenz Jose (Accountant)
    I had been experiencing back pain since I incorrectly pulled my back during a workout. For years I just managed with the pain. Working with Dr. Lee has relieved me from this pain. Since then I had visited him to treat a minor slipped disc. What I like about Axis Chiropractic is that they don't force you to get the packages and just recommend you on how many sessions you need. I highly recommend Axis Chiropractic to get yourself an all-rounded treatment. I particularly enjoy the dry needling.
  • Vincent Wong (Pharmacist)
    I had upper and lower back pain due to poor posture and injury many years ago. I was referred to Dr Lee from a good TCM practitioner and I was amazed by the range of services provided by Dr Lee. From the point of view of a pharmacist, I have to say that the treatment provided is holistic, professional and the rate is reasonable. Most importantly Dr Lee is very patient and caring listening to our problems. My back pain improved a lot after a few sessions and I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family should they need any chiropractic treatment. Thank you, Dr Lee, for your wonderful care.
  • Swad Abas (Senior Executive)
    I caught a serious knee injury due to extensive running earlier this year. When I initially thought the pain would naturally disappear (well, obviously I was wrong), I finally decided to seek treatment here. After only a few visits, I could feel the improvement and now, the pain I have been suffering is almost gone. Yay! (Thanks, Shane!) If you are an active person like me who’s suffering from pain and stiffness, do not assume they are normal - Please consult them as I am pretty sure you will be in a good hand. I am a happy customer. Highly recommended.
  • Jonas Low (Engineer)
    I have a mild thoracolumbar scoliosis which ranges between 10-13 degrees since i was young and it has been bothering me especially during weight lifting. I always find uncomfortable that my right lats is slightly bigger than the left side. After every visit in this clinic, my shoulder pain and upper/lower back pain is lesser and with consistent visit, the pain is literally gone. Despite his very young look, he's a professional chiropractor who will give you wisdom on how to stay "ALIGNED" for the rest of your life/lifestyle!
  • Yong Fei Lim (Senior Executive)
    I have been experiencing aches on my neck and shoulder that have gradually worsened over the past two years and this has also led to bad quality of sleep. I've gone for massages and Chinese treatments but nothing worked until a friend recommended seeking treatments at Dr Shane's recently. It took just about 5 visits for the aches on my neck and shoulder to wear off and this has also improved the quality of my sleep tremendously. Not forgetting that Dr Shane and his team are very hospitable, too!
  • Mala Ghoshal (Housewife)
    I had a sharp pain in my left hip which ultimately changed my posture and hindered my movement of left leg. I stopped my exercises as i would end up with lots of pain. Many massage and medicine didn't help. My friend introduced me to Dr Shane. The first treatment gave me lots of relaxation. My walking style improved drastically. The consecutive treatment made me feel pain-free. I am back into action with my exercises. Thanks to Axis Chiropractic.